Yes, it is legal to buy marijuana online. In some countries like the United States and Canada medical cannabis is legal and this makes legal buying of marijuana legal. However there are rules and regulated that are enacted by the government to ensure there is safety when it comes to buying weed online. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to oversee the dales and distribution of medical marijuana to the respective provinces and territories. Since cannabis is legal in some countries, the distributors must be licensed to ensure there is safety shipment of the drug including packaging and labeling. These procedures are supposed to follow the rules and regulations of both federal and provincial government.

Mail order weed in Montreal are also taken very serious to ensure that the customers are satisfied and safety of the drugs because criminals can order for the drug through the emails resulting to drug trafficking. The police are very careful with drugs that are ordered through the mails. Law enforcement officers continue to monitor access and track criminals who use the mail system to deliver illicit products into the country. These techniques have been adopted to ensure that there is safety especially when users want to purchase marijuana online. If the users experience any sort of problem with the products delivered by the distributors the case should be forwarded to the regional or provincial officers for further investigations. Transportation of marijuana without obtaining permit or license from the authorities makes it illegal and the person is likely to face criminal charges for the offense.

In some countries like Canada, the government has a website where online shopping of Marijuana takes place. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is the only way users in Canada can use to purchase legal cannabis. Buying marijuana online is legal because there are regulations that have been put on the sale of drug such as age limits, amount of possession and smoking locations in the country.

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