Visit to an Exhibition

A few days ago, I got a chance to write an essay on a visit to an exhibition in which I talked about my visit to a local exhibition named the Annual North-Eastern Exhibition. It was held at Polo Football stadium, Shillong, and I went there with some of my cousins. All of reached there right on time, and it was indeed a good experience.

The gate was decorated with colorful banners, glittering lights, and other decorative items, and the whole stadium looked amazing. When we reached there, we could see people singing their favorite songs, dancing with their partners, and sitting and chatting in groups.

The stalls also looked nice as they had different items that were arranged properly and symmetrically. I had a chance to buy some of my favorite food items and drinks from these stalls, and my cousins bought their favorite sports caps.

According to, when you write an essay on your visit to an exhibition, you should take care of the quality, and I am doing the same in this exhibition essay. I would like to say that there was a Book section too where some magazines and books on my favorite subjects could be seen. However, I did not buy any of them and decided to move to the next stall with my cousins.

In the next part of the exhibition, there were some handicrafts, and I bought some of them for my siblings. Bamboo baskets, coffee cups, hats, and mats were found in a number of varieties, sizes, and designs. Their prices were reasonable, so I bought many of them along with my cousins. We had a great time there, and I will never forget this wonderful and amazing experience.

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